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REIM Capital provides bridging loans and short-term finance to professional property investors.

Service Overview

Our real estate network and more so specifically our bridging finance network, gives us incomparable reach to the wider market allowing us to provide real estate lending opportunities to our closed group of investors. We have successfully originated and funded over £200M of bridging loans paying our investors favourable returns. 

Who For?

REIM Capital provides property-backed investment opportunities for a wide range of investors including:

  • Private & Sophisticated Investors 
  • Ultra / High Net Worth Individuals 
  • Family Offices 

Our internal system can tailor the opportunities to match investor appetite and criteria. For example, residential property located in London or Commercial Property below 55% Loan to value. Each loan can be screened by the investor before funds are committed.

You can request your copy of our investment memorandum via the form below.

Investment Memorandum

Six Step Process of Investment


Loan Origination

REIM Capital will originate the bridging loan opportunity


After our underwriting team and KYC team have reviewed the application and the loan has been funded, investment for private clients is ripe for opportunities. Below you can find a short summary of our investment process:

Investment Opportunity

Once a loan has been funded by REIM, we will communicate the investment opportunity to a targeted pool of investors – matching your investment goals. The loan can be screened by an investor before any commitment of funds to the deal.

Investment Accepted

If a loan is accepted by the investor, we will work quickly to finalise the pre-agreed documentation and agreements.

Investor Returns

Depending on the loan terms and the structure of the deal, investors will receive a return on investment, either at the end of each month or an accrued amount at loan maturity.

Loan Redemption

Once a loan has been redeemed, you can either choose to withdraw your capital or reinvest into a new investment opportunity.